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vision to innovate test automation

A one-stop platform for test case management, defect management, and automation testing. This one-click, AI-based, no-code testing solution guarantees businesses the ability to save 60-70% on their operational costs.

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Make your QA Journey
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We offer a one-click journey that encompasses manual test case development, automation, and defect logging.

One stop solution
One platform for all your QA needs.
No code testing solution
A complete codeless solution suitable for all types of users.
AI engine
AI engine creates test scripts in just one click, with self-healing capabilities
More Affordable Cost
Lower costs compared to the market with maximum benefits
Integrated with nearly all continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins and Azure
Third party integration
Integrated with execution cloud servers like BrowserStack, LambdaTest, and others.
QAautoMATER, a revolutionary UI-driven codeless testing solution on the cloud, offers a hassle-free experience with no need for hardware or software installations. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the application from anywhere. Experience the convenience of a one-stop solution where you can effortlessly create manual test cases, automate test cases, execute scripts, and log defects – all within the same tool. Say goodbye to the burden of managing multiple tools and significantly reduce licensing costs. Embrace the power of a complete codeless testing solution that eliminates the need for extensive technical expertise. With QAautoMATER, you can streamline your QA automation resources, allowing entry-level personnel to handle various tasks efficiently. Unlock the benefits of QAautoMATER's built-in machine learning capabilities for generating web elements without delving into HTML DOM. Witness a substantial reduction in the time required for test script development, leading to enhanced efficiency in your testing processes. QAautoMATER not only saves time but also cuts down business costs by 60-70%, making it a game-changer in the world of testing solutions.
Test case management solution
Defect management solution
No code automation testing for Web,Mobile and API


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What people say about QAautoMATER
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1 Click Automation feature is awesome

The feature of converting manual test steps into automated ones is amazing; it greatly reduces a lot of effort for me. The dashboard also looks really cool for manual testing

Amit Joshi
Amit Joshi
Test Lead
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